Hellenic Bank - Digital Transformation in Banking

The Challenge

Digital transformation in banking involves the adoption of new digital technologies into all the institution's areas, causing a radical change in the way the daily operations are performed, as well as the way customers are served.

Remarkably, in order to accomplish the digital transition, cultural change is required. As a result, processes are challenged and innovation is encouraged, while all aspects of risk and reward are reexamined. 

Hellenic Bank, a leading retail and SME bank in Cyprus, needed to design and implement a network infrastructure in order to enable an active-active data center, a critical turn key solution which would facilitate the simplification of operations, responsiveness acceleration and support a new generation of distributed applications across virtualized and non-virtualized environments.

At the same time, to further enhance security, the foundation of modern software defined network had to be built.

In order to meet Hellenic Bank's unique requirements, Logicom Solutions had to create a secure, robust solution.

How we solved the problem

Logicom Solutions' team, in cooperation with CISCO's professional services, worked to plan, design, implement and enable a Cisco application centric infrastructure (Cisco ACI) in the Bank, in such a way that ensured success and frictionless transition to the new solution.

With the Cisco ACI, the infrastructure deployment and governance were radically simplified, optimized and accelerated while the application deployment lifecycle is expedited. Through an intend-based networking framework that enables agility in the data center, complexity and stream line support is reduced, better transaction times can be achieved and the information about network performance can be collected in real time. 

Our Partner

With Cisco ACI, Logicom Solutions delivered infrastructure that would allow the Hellenic Bank to stay ahead of evolving needs.