Business Solutions and Services

A new era of invention is unleashing unimagined levels of creativity, ingenuity and productivity for humanity. Logicom Solutions is at the forefront of this new era.

Our Business Solutions and Services (BSS) unit powers digital transformation through innovative and sustainable business software solutions. In short, we help companies reinvent their business application portfolio with the latest technology.

BSS delivers business solutions that leverage the latest technological megatrends and reputable vendor technologies in the areas of:

  • Digital Workplace Portals
  • Customer Experience & Mobility
  • Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resources Planning
  • Application Integration
  • Security

Through these intelligent systems, BSS solutions promote the principles of engaging with customers, empowering employees, optimising operations, and reinventing products and business models.

Modern Workplace
The Modern Workplace enables digital transformation, offering a comprehensive vision based on a proven cloud solution offering.
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Application Integration
Logicom Solutions has extensive experience in the innovation and integration of custom fit applications for organisation.
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Enterprise resource planning is an integrated solution that manages and integrates a company’s financials, supply chain, operation, manufacturing and reporting.
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Analytics bring together powerful data management, analysis services, business intelligence and artificial intelligence to transform complex data into business insights.
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Data security enables organizations to protect revenue, facilitate digital transformation, comply with regulatory mandates and generate customer loyalty.
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