Cisco Security Workshops and Demos

Logicom Solutions organizes the Cisco Security Workshop and Demo every week, giving organizations the opportunity to attend presentations about Cisco solutions against Ransomware attacks (Cisco Quick Prevention for Ransomware protection). Specifically, the solutions presented are Cisco's Cloud Email Security that prevents ransomware from accessing your computer through malicious emails and also the Cisco Umbrella solution that prevents the entry of ransomware from all possible internet access points and malicious websites and stops hackers from controlling and spreading ransomware. Additionally, during the workshop Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints is discussed  that protects your computer from malicious files on endpoints and prevents infection across network. These solutions offer immediate and fast prevention and protection for organizations against ransomware attacks without having to invest in equipment and complex facilities since they are based on Cloud.

The most innovative part of these workshops is the Cisco Quick Prevention Demo, where 4 scenarios of ransomware attacks are presented by experienced colleagues and specialists and prevented through the above-mentioned Cisco solutions.

Finally, Logicom Solutions Cyber ​​Security Consulting Services , such as Cybersecurity Gap Analysis, Penetration Testing and Security awareness training program that support each organization to operate in a more secure environment, are also presented in the workshop.