Logicom Solutions implemented wireless network LoRaWAN for the digital transformation of Paphos

Logicom Solutions Ltd has successfully completed, within the agreed timeframes, the implementation of the LoRaWAN wireless network (Low Power Wide Area Network) of the Municipality of Paphos. This private and independent network of the Municipality is the common infrastructure on which the operation of IoT (Internet of Things) and "Smart City" applications will be based. This network will form the communication layer through which deployed sensors-devices will communicate with their respective applications which will be made available to the citizens. Such an application is the “Smart Parking” which is currently under implementation by the Municipality.

 Logicom Solutions, one of the largest ICT service providers in Cyprus and the wider region, in collaboration with its specialized partners, is a pioneer in providing integrated smart city solutions that meet the "end-to-end" needs of municipalities and communities in their transition to a digital era.