The best solutions for your needs

Data security enables organizations to protect revenue, facilitate digital transformation, comply with regulatory mandates and generate customer loyalty. Logicom Solutions has the skills, the expertise and the experience to offer and implement tailored security solutions for organizations.

Data protection

Cloud-based technologies help increase agility, competitiveness and innovation. But they can also add complexity, limited visibility, fragmented controls and slow reporting. As a result, threats and vulnerabilities go undetected; migration to the cloud is delayed, or even canceled or reversed. Logicom Solutions provides organizations with the below solutions:

  • IBM Security Guardium
  • IBM Trusteer
  • IBM Safer Payments

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management enables organizations to effectively manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources, both within and beyond the firewall and into the cloud. Also, it makes it easy to identify and secure all service, application, administrator and root accounts across your enterprise.

Logicom Solutions offers the following solutions from leading vendors such as Oracle and IBM:

  • Oracle Identity Management
  • Oracle SSO
  • IBM Security Secret Server