Business Continuity as a Service

Logicom Solutions, as one of the largest services and solutions integrator in Cyprus and in Greece offers a comprehensive range of  solutions and services that provide the tools needed to design, build, execute and support innovative digital strategies. We offer two key services based on Microsoft Azure- Cloud Backup and Cloud Recovery that work in unison to provide one of the most powerful Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions for a hybrid IT infrastructure.

For more information, you can download the following documents:

Presentation: Business Continuity as a Service Presentation: Business Continuity as a Service Share

Cloud Backup

Azure Backup

  • Application Consistent Snapshots using VSS
  • Zero Cost for Upload/Download
  • Always Incremental Backups (minimum daily overhead)

Cloud Recovery

Azure Site Recovery

  • Recover in Cloud
  • Convert Vmware VMs to run in Azure (failover) and back to Vmware (failback)

Better Together

Microsoft Workloads in Azure

  • Leading Cloud Vendor
  • Optimized for Security
  • Same Vendor for OS and Cloud Platform (Optimizations)