Joint Solution offered by CYTA and Logicom Solutions for WiFi4EU

WiFi4EU is a new European Union program that promotes free WiFi internet access to visitors in public spaces. This program is addressed to municipalities, communities and local governmental bodies. The WiFi4EU initiative is based on the imperative need of Municipalities / Communities to provide high-quality internet access for citizens and visitors through free wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) in public places such as parks, public buildings, libraries and hospitals.

CYTA in cooperation with Logicom Solutions builds, optimizes and manages the network infrastructure for this initiative. Logicom Solutions, as a Cisco Gold Partner, offers Cisco Meraki which is a complete portfolio of cloud- managed IT solutions that are scalable, reliable and secure. CYTA and Logicom Solutions offer a total one-stop solution with real benefits such as network access from anywhere and anytime, embedded security and capabilities that are built specifically for the Cloud.

The WiFi4EU initiative is an opportunity for the municipalities to enhance the quality of life of their citizens by adopting new digital services that are based on secure and reliable internet access. The digital transformation of Municipalities is necessary as more than 60% of the population uses Social media and mobile apps daily. Municipalities can make use of these channels to interact with the citizens in order for the latter to feel active members of the city.

The Wifi4EU initiative and the joint solution offered by CYTA and Logicom Solutions was presented during the press conference on 12/6/2019. You can find more information about this cooperation at the presentation of Mr. Charalambos Charalambous, the director of Sales and Business Development of Logicom Solutions.