Smart Cities: From Vision to Reality

29th of June 2022 - Hilton Nicosia
29th of June 2022 - Hilton Nicosia

On Wednesday, 29th of June 2022, the conference with title "Smart Cities: from Vision to Reality" was held, which was organized by Logicom Solutions Ltd, with the kind support of the Municipality of Nicosia.

The event was attended by state and civic officials, ambassadors and distinguished personalities from the business world, while important personalities from the Cypriot and Greek government, institutional and business ecosystem participated as speakers.

Throughout the event, topics regarding the idea of the smart city, as well as its functions, its necessity and impact on every day life, its implementation and issues of cybersecurity were covered, as well as the Smart Nicosia project, highlighting the necessity for cities' digital transformation.

Today, more and more cities aim to create more functional, green, resilient and humane cities, as their main concern is their citizens. With digital transformation and the Internet of Things, citizens can participate in improving the city's services, infrastructure and quality of life of their city.

In this context, the Nicosia Municipality has entrusted Logicom Solutions with the supply, installation, operation and support of Wireless Access Networks, Fiber Optic Network Infrastructures, equipment for the two Data Centers of the Municipality and its smart infrastructure management platform, in an effort to digitally transform Nicosia, making it a place where citizens can participate easily and safely in the events of the Municipality, through applications and open data.

The fulfillment of the Conference constitutes a point of reference, forming a coherent and substantial framework for dialogue and highlighting the best applicable smart practices that define the smart city and the state, for every city in Cyprus.

Sponsors of the Conference were Cisco and Accenture.


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