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Analytics provides solutions, from the moment operational data is stored to the moment it’s part of meaningful, insightful reports. Analysis services enable an organisation to create powerful business intelligence semantic models, with which data can be accessed instantaneously. Analysis services transform complex schemas into business-friendly BI semantic models and apply easy-to-understand naming in preferred languages. They also enable KPIs, allowing entire businesses to measure the same performance indicators in the same way.

Logicom Solutions can support initiatives relating to data consolidation (SQL Data Warehouse), data cleansing and data transformation (SQL Server Integration Services, ETL) as well as business intelligence (SQL Server Analysis Services) and reporting tools (SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft Power BI). Logicom Solutions also provides organisations with tailored analytical solutions, such as sensitive data discovery and GDRP management.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence technologies give enterprises the capacity to perform big data analysis and the means to easily visualise and interpret a large amount of data relevant to their business operations. Executives can gain valuable insight on historical information, current operations and new trends – which can be used to formulate targeted strategies and make informed decisions.

Business Intelligence enables organisations to build comprehensive analytics solutions that deliver actionable insights through data visualisation and reporting tools. Complex data can be transformed into a business intelligence (BI) semantic model, which can be easily accessed and understood by business users – and provides faster insights and increased adoption.

Logicom Solutions helps organisations leverage Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence (SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI), which is a comprehensive enterprise-ready BI platform. We also help organisations identify reporting needs, determine the data source connections needed, establish which transformations should be applied to data and combine data – in order to build meaningful and insightful reports for different audience groups.

Finally, Logicom Solutions offers IBM Cloud Pak for Data that is a fully-integrated data and AI platform that modernizes how businesses collect, organize and analyze data and infuse AI throughout their organizations and also Oracle Autonomous Database which is a family of self-driving, self-securing and selpf-repairing cloud services.

Data Warehouse

With a data warehouse, enterprises can centralise all their operational information in one data repository. Without affecting the main data sources, data is extracted from the original system, cleansed and transformed – prior to being stored in the data warehouse. Business Intelligence tools can then connect to a data warehouse to provide meaningful and insightful reports, presenting a view of the entire enterprise.

Logicom Solutions help organisations introduce and set up an SQL data warehouse on-premises or on the cloud. Logicom Solutions can also help organisations determine which data sources need to be connected, establish the cleansing and transformation rules that need to be applied and upload the data to the SQL data warehouse.

Finally, Logicom Solutions offers Oracle Data Warehousing Made Easy that provides an easy-to-use, fully autonomous database that scales elastically, delivers fast query performance and requires no database administration.

Data Discovery

Data discovery solutions help to identify, remediate and monitor an organisation’s data from a single endpoint, using in-built automation and real-time alert features. As the scope of data continually expands, identifying and controlling all sensitive data handling points across an enterprise network is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations. The solution searches structured and unstructured data in a wide range of target types, including databases, local & network storage, deleted files, email servers and cloud storage.

Logicom Solutions helps organisations discover sensitive data, such as PCI DSS –cardholder data, privacy and personally identifiable information (PII), financial data types, personal data and medical records. We also empower organisations with remediation options to take affirmative action on sensitive data such as mask-in-place, permanent delete, secure quarantine and encryption of files.

GDPR Dashboard

For any organisation that needs to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the GDPR Dashboard is the perfect solution. The dashboard records GDPR findings and incidents, and manages an organisation’s compliance status. Organisations are empowered with the ability to manage Data Subject requests for access, correction, export, objection and erasure. Organisations can also manage and monitor resolution actions, which are tracked to the resolution owners, in order to support GDPR compliance.

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