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Logicom Solutions helps organisations treat their data as their most valuable asset. The Business Consulting Services team is working closely with customers, across multiple industries, to help them optimise the use of their data, make faster and better decisions and work more efficiently. This process enables them to identify new sources of revenue and capitalise on the untapped business intelligence that they already own.

Logicom Solutions’ team of experienced data scientists designs and applies the appropriate scientific methods, experimental designs, mathematical modelling, simulation and optimisation techniques to answer business questions and solve a range of operational and managerial problems.

Logicom Solutions works closely with organisations, using a structured approach to provide analytical services through the stages discussed below.

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Business objectives

Logicom Solutions’ experienced data scientists help organisations define their business objectives and the exact nature of the problem or opportunity they are facing, as well as the success criteria. The team works closely with the business owners to articulate the area of application of analytics. Exploratory analysis is applied as an investigative tool to precisely define the issues and possible solutions. An accurate definition at the outset is essential to ultimate success.

Building the hypotheses

Logicom Solutions aims to identify the underlying causes, key variables and possible solutions to a business problem or opportunity. The process followed provides for a close interaction with client executives, visiting customer sites, talking with customers, observing and analysing processes to acquire a very clear understanding of the current situation. The aim of this process is to engage the people on the front line, identify shortfalls and be able to build a solid business hypothesis.

Identifying data sources

As part of our process, we identify the correct sources of data required to provide the optimal solution to the organisation. Our team works closely with the customer to identify the objective data available that might help explain or provide insight relevant to the business area we are investigating. Any additional data that might be required to enhance the available information will also be defined.

Our team will then work with the customer to decide what is the best way to collect and organise the data and assemble the right analytical database.

Preparing and exploring data

Data itself can lead the team to a new understanding and new hypotheses or help refine existing hypotheses. Logicom Solutions’ team of experts runs a series of exploratory analyses of the data to let the data tell its story independent of human biases. This helps provide the insight and understanding needed to build sophisticated simulation models.

Building models

 Through model-building, we aim to simulate or represent the real-world system of interest, so that experiments can be conducted. With simulation models, hundreds or even thousands of possible solutions can be explored, to identify optimal solutions under differing conditions or constraints.

Types of analytics we work with include:

  • Descriptive Analytics: Working with customers to examine raw data from multiple data sources to give valuable insights into the past, based on the business issue we have now. Findings from this analysis determine if something is wrong or right, without explaining the underlying reasons for that happening.
  • Diagnostic Analytics: We help organisations investigate their historical data and measure against other (possibly external) data to investigate the underlying reasons of why we had a specific result. In this kind of analysis, we provide customers with the possibility to drill down, discover dependencies and to identify patterns.
  • Predictive Analytics: Through the application of predictive business analytics we help customers forecast the future. We utilise findings of descriptive and diagnostic analytics to detect tendencies, clusters and exceptions, and to predict future trends, which makes it a valuable tool for forecasting.
  • Prescriptive analytics: Through the application of prescriptive analytics we provide organisations with a prescriptive way to identify the best course of action to eliminate future problems or take full advantage of promising trends.

Identifying and proposing optimal solutions

Logicom Solutions helps organisations analyse thousands of possible routes and identify a select set of optimal or near-optimal solutions, with the result that they might have for the organisation. This feeds into the strategic decisioning process of the organisation and helps them take better, more informed decisions.

Knowledge Transfer and Training

Logicom Solutions’ analytics team provides custom made training and knowledge transfer sessions to end users and the management of organisations on a variety of topics around business data analytics.

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