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Logicom Solutions has extensive experience in developing and delivering custom- applications for organisations. We support initiatives that address the implementation of web and mobile applications, integrate applications with back-end systems using enterprise middleware platforms, expose services to third parties using API management and manage performance using world-class applications.

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Application Development

Logicom Solutions has an extensive track record for building world-class fit-for-business applications. The development of custom applications can either facilitate the internal operations of an organisation or help improve the services they provide to customers.
We have a vast portfolio of experience in Microsoft .NET, delivering a number of successful projects, including

  • eGovernment Gateway
  • Internet Banking
  • eUniversity Portal.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps can serve as the primary means toward the effective execution of an organisation’s mobile presence strategy. The development of mobile applications helps organisations better engage customers in the services they provide.

Based on IBM Mobile First, Logicom Solutions’ mobile web application framework enables the development of mobile apps compatible with all major mobile operating systems, including Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows. This includes all the fundamental capabilities, such as workflow, security, mobile access, collaboration, message, location-based applications and calendar.

Logicom Solutions has developed a substantial number of turn-key solutions for its customers, including complex mobile applications and content access management systems.


Middleware platforms serve as an intermediary layer between software components or applications. They can facilitate communications between them or provide services to them – as per their dedicated functions.

Logicom Solutions supports initiatives to establish open and standardised communications between systems in the areas of API Management, using IBM API Connect and Enterprise Application Integration and IBM Integration Bus.

At the same time, we offer products (some developed in-house), which abstract key functionality that can be re-used across different systems. External applications can integrate with such middleware to benefit from the functionality they make available primarily in the areas of:

  • Electronic payments (Logicom Solutions Payment Engine)
  • Email/SMS notifications (Logicom Solutions SMS Gateway)
  • Performance management
  • And many others…

SMS & Notification engine

The Logicom Solutions SMS & Notification engine is a middleware platform that serves as a single channel to integrate client applications with notification providers over different channels, such as SMS, fax, print and email. Examples include the SMS channel over SMPP (providing quality of service) with CYTA, PrimeTel, Epic and Cablenet.

The SMS & Notification engine provides one universal integration protocol to clients’ applications for sending notifications. For any additional notification media and channels, the engine absorbs the complexity of integrating with various channels, abstracting the complexity from client applications.

Our certifications and awards

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Application Development
IBM Certified Channel Value Rewards Partner in Mobile First
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Data Analytics
IBM Certified Channel Value Rewards Partner in Application Platform and Integration
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eUniversity Portal
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