IBM is a global business and technology leader, innovating in research and development. As an IBM Advanced Business Partner, Logicom Solutions is able to provide IBM’s impressive range of solutions and products – and is certified and skilled in numerous IBM competencies & specialisations, such as:

  • Value Advantage Plus partner - Having certified business solutions built on IBM products.
  • Channel Value Rewards partner - Authorized to sell IBM Software in Application Platform & Integration, Digital Experience, XaaS-Entry,  Internet of Things, Messaging & Collaboration, Partner & Supplier Engagement Solutions, Safer Planer, Security, and Social SW & Unified Communication.
  • Repeated enterprise solutions delivery - Based on products such as: IBM Mobile First, IBM Integration Bus, IBM API Connect, IBM Lotus Domino, IBM Operational Decision Manager, and others.
Our offerings

In partnership with IBM, we offer these solutions:

Application Integration
Logicom Solutions has extensive experience in the innovation and integration of custom fit applications for organisation.
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Data Centre
Logicom Solutions designs and delivers modern DataCenters that are composed of Unified Networking, Unified Storage and Unified Servers
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Data security enables organizations to protect revenue, facilitate digital transformation, comply with regulatory mandates and generate customer loyalty.
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Our certifications and awards from IBM

IBM Gold Business Partner Certification
IBM Channel Value Rewards partner
IBM Value Advantage Plus partner
IBM Specialist in Cloud Integration & Development
IMB Authorized Pure Systems
IBM Authorized Systems and Storage
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Pollutant Release and Transfer Register of Cyprus (PRTR Cyprus)
Logicom Solutions
Pollutant Release and Transfer Register of Cyprus (PRTR Cyprus)